This will be my first post in English, hopefully it will work O.K so English posts will be on a regular basis.

Let’s Start:

Mumford and Sons new songs and projects:

first of all you should start by running this YouTube video on the background and let it stream itself down.

i haven’t yet found  the studio version of this track, so for now i address this song as preformed only on live concert, and it made me wonder – isn’t it a great marketing strategy?

i guess this song is one of the best track from this band and especially well preformed by  the sons. I believe that a good strategy that will make a buzz around this song and not get recorded a studio version  will can be like a theme song for the concerts of the band.

Second project is the wedding band. here is a small and very sticky taste

**If you have any more info about Mumford and Sons please contact me.**