I have posted any new post because of 17.5.12 wedding. But now i’m back!

Three weeks ago i publish a selling advise in Yad2 Website. Yad2 is a second hand products online market and it’s probably the most popular in Israel.

The advise was of my acoustic guitar – Jasmine S-34c by Takamine. Not because i don’t use it is just because i want something better.

Not because it’s under my skill – on the contrary I think it could still be an excellent school and for my playing skill it’s an overkill.

I love how it sound, the feel, the volume. It’s very fine produced instrument (manufacture lifetime warranty) with high quality touch. although the s34c is my first ever acoustic guitar and my reference is about nothing i believe my impression is correct and also you can read the reviews on the web. If you looking for best value for money acoustic i figure this one is one of the best.

I bought it on Amazon about 8 month ago or maybe more. and now it’s time to say goodbye. I will keep on playing – and still on an acoustic guitar but i can feel it itching.

The capitalism is itching. And what better ground it found than artistic dimension as musical instrument. holly Shit! I can barely know how to play a guitar (not really)   but i still “need” 300$ and above guitar.

Consumption Culture, like an addict i want better guitar – and according to my perspective better equals more expensive.

Most of my market research which i do a lot is focus on price, Brand and little bit of specs and mostly look. It’s not rational – i know. I’m behavioral economist, who should know better?

But still it’s stronger than the rational me. The moment after i sell my guitar i’ll be on the highway  to my next guitar. Maybe on our trip to Barcelona in early June.

In this post i’ll upload picture of the Jasmine s34c and on the next post i’ll discuss optionally guitars.


If you have any suggestion please let me know.

Thanks ahead.