In last month the TT of isle of Man was taken place. As far as I can tell, this race is probably the official  most dangerous street bike race in modern motor-sport.

The history of this race is full with racer found their death during race and practice laps. Also it’s known of the big names rider who are willing to participate in this madness.

It’s taking place on regular street road in the Island of Man in the Great Britain. In modern racing days it’s understandable why this race is so popular. Just look for Moto-GP news and you will find many riders complaining about some tracks are not safe enough.

Think about a teenager who is start getting interested in motor-sport and reading about Casey Stoner  complaining some riders are “crazy” and risk him on the track and a year later quitting the sport because he don’t like it no more. Compare in your thoughts to this Michael dud: