This is the 4th day of the Israeli Army operation in Gaza.

This operation started with the air strike Muhammad Jaabari, Hamas chief of staff. In a coordinated strike the IDF hit Jaabari vehicle and 200 other target in Gaza.

In that strike the Israeli Air Force almost eliminate all of Hamas long distance missiles arsenal.

2 weeks before this strike Hamas fired almost 70 rockets (Grads and Kasams) a day(!) on civilians cities inside Israel.

The Israeli air force had made almost 200 air attacks a day since this operation started.

After Hames had fired twice on Tel-Aviv and by that braked the 8 years Status-Que, while using Fajaar missile it seems that the situation is not going to be end soon.

Personally, I believe that the northern border of Israel, with Lebanon and by that Hizbballaa , cannot stay quiet and peaceful in this status of fighting more than 2-3 days. I hope i would be wrong on this.

Here is a picture taking today (17.11.12) of Israel security minister, Ahud Barak, and the Israeli IDF chief of staff, Beni Gantz