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This is new feature we are adding  to our eBay store –  a descriptive video of our products.

Any comment and advise will help us at the moment.

today we have received a negative feedback. which I consider extremely not fair. On 12.7.12 a customer of ours had purchased a Barcelona back pack. We have limited and published 24 our of handling. The order was signed shipped and according to Israel post tracking info the package was arrived and signed on post office on 15.7.12.

I have continue checking the USPS tracking info and it arrived NY on 25.7.17.
until here everything is normal and don’t ago expect otherwise for upcoming.
ETA is 30.7.12-10.8.12

Today We have received this feedback from the ‘Beware’

I intended to discuss how Un-proportionaly harmful is this to us but I’m too tired.

feedback rating declined from

100—->94.1    f#%k

I figured that for a successful eBay store you should give full attention to the photo Gallery of your products and the overall look of your list page.

To accomplish the latest one you should design a HTML page and not using the defaulted tools eBay supply.

So if that is necessary I’ve started to learn Adobe Dreamweaver cs4 which learn that is suitable for my needs.

Now I will go through some tutorial video and online lesson which I sure will find on web.

Wish Me luck…

Any tips will be obtained gratefully.

In last post i published regarding our store i mentioned that the performance are surprisenly good.

There are now over 20 items available in active listing in eBay and we sell approximately 2 bags a day.

We felt the taste of sales and it only make us more Hungry. I guess it’s good instinct.

We need to list more and more and in uprising stream. Now I am fine tuning our existing listing – better photos et. cetra.

You are more than welcome to take a look and advise.

OK, so it’s look promising, we already sold 5 item but yet only got paid for 2 – which we already shipped.

Since the first sell at 29.6.12 until today, the 3.7.12. It’s way better than i predicted but still couple of uprising problems:

1. we sold only Soccer (Football) bags and only Man-United and Barcelona

2. Data from less than a week of under 7 days observations.

3. Too much delayed payments.

4.  Too much work to be done and limited time – maybe we need help here in operation and time consuming stuff.


here are print screen of 9 active listing on the store currently:

A first publcation on My new project with Yonni – eBay store.


Here is a PrtScn :