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It’s been quite a while since I have published a Music Video and this time a Pop Song.


Don’t this I have any were heard so many Multiple Instrument in one song! Very impressive and extremely fun to watch

If it’s you first time with Phil X you gonna be surprised.

On first look he seems little over enthusiastic but later you will figure out his style and hopefully dig his as i do.

Check out his Roxanne Cover

Wow!! Look What this guy doing on a guitar.

The closing song from the legendary ‘Woodstock 1969’

IMHO Alvin Lee is on same level as Hendrix, Clapton, BB King and Jimmy Page. All of them are Consider as the Best guitarist in History.

Metallica Sample music and fantastic editing:

Mumford and Sons – whispers in the dark at SiriusXM

Finally, I have been waiting for this this for more than a year now.

Due, i do know and heard most of the songs in this album there is still some i couldn’t find official versions.

I figured To upload some songs from this album but I do not wish to violate any legal rights.


hear it as fast s you can – You would love it – and it’s a guaranty!





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