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I just love this guy.

Before the Oscar award a direct massage to the committee


Check this newly released season trailer:

I think it is best, if you not knowing the original, to hear the cover first, it will make the experience better for both.

KarminMusic Cover:

The original with official Video:

Hi there, the first commercial presented here was familiar to me earlier,

i’d like to share it with you as an intro to the second commercial which originally,  i supposed, was the intro of the first.
in short i mixed the order of appearance. I believe it will amplified the impression of the two.

BTW, yesterday was the last day of fall semester.

I have some papers to prepares and one home test in family economics at the 22.2.12.

also, i made an application for the exchange student program with Kyoto uni’. Earlier today i sent a request for Prof’ Eckstein for a letter of recommendation.

Hope it will all go well.

This link is for the season 1 -episode 4  of  ‘The Wire’.

without further ado please check it from 46:00-50:30.

An about 4 minutes scene of american TV as it’s best.

Now with a proper link: