It’s been quite a while since I have published a Music Video and this time a Pop Song.


This is new feature we are adding  to our eBay store –  a descriptive video of our products.

Any comment and advise will help us at the moment.

Just Loves his crazy style.

If you dig it too check out his live performance.


Very simple and efficient guitar lesson

I wish to apologized for Publishing mainly a videos from YouTube without More descriptive text. It got my attention and I will try to do my best to write some more.

Meanwhile check this out – great video!

In economic perspective – On 9:40 take a look how much mistakes can cost you.

Don’t this I have any were heard so many Multiple Instrument in one song! Very impressive and extremely fun to watch

Very Nice Video

If it’s you first time with Phil X you gonna be surprised.

On first look he seems little over enthusiastic but later you will figure out his style and hopefully dig his as i do.

Check out his Roxanne Cover


Just a quick taste of what’s on my mind this weekend…

Wow!! Look What this guy doing on a guitar.

The closing song from the legendary ‘Woodstock 1969’

IMHO Alvin Lee is on same level as Hendrix, Clapton, BB King and Jimmy Page. All of them are Consider as the Best guitarist in History.