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I have finally did it. After over 2 years and 16,000 km (around 10K miles) since i bought my lovely Honda Innova I glad to tell you that i got rid of the annoying cracking noises from the front of the bike, where the headlight is mounted over the handle bars.

If you encounter this issue you probably got used to it now and desperate,  as I was,  from fixing it. So I am very glad to share the quick and super easy to preform solution.

In the following diagram you can see how to fix this problem in 2 steps:

1. you need to “shave” about 1.5-2 mm off the plastic cylinder shape mounts for the silver bolts (red circles). you can do it with sharp knife or sanding paper.

2. Place 4 pieces of 1 cm thick foam. 2 beneath the headlight, right over the metal handle bar just after where it bend upwards.
The other 2 pieces should be over the headlight and beneath the white plastic cover.  (blue squares)
I used one-sided glowed foam and add some all-uses glow spray which you can find in and hardware store.

Please remember that the foam should eliminate any space between the parts so in the end of the process the whole thing should be thigh and steady. check it while pressing the headlight up and down.

It works perfect for me and now, while riding, I hear nothing but the engine and wind noises, which is extremely fum IMHO.

Try it – You would not be disappointed.